Mh 20 Methyl Hydrogen Silicone Oil

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Jinan Xinke Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

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Product Information

  • CAS:63148-57-2
  • Pharmacopeia:CP
  • Shelf Life:18 months
  • Storage:Sealed


Fire-fighting measures

Dangerous features: contact with flame, high fever or antioxidant, has the risk of burning explosion.

Hazardous combustion products: carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and silicon dioxide.

Extinguishing methods: spray cooling container, remove the fire to empty the container if possible. Extinguishing agent, foam, carbon dioxide, dry powder, dry sand.

Extinguishing measures and precautions: substances which exposure to decompose can be harmful to the body. Firemen must use self-contained breathing apparatus. Fire in the airtight container cooling water. Don't let the fire after the material flow into the sewer or drain.

Accidental release measures

The prevention of personnel, protective equipment and emergency procedures

Prevent intake of steam, aerosol, or gas. Ensure adequate ventilation.

 Environmental prevention measures

Under the condition of safety, and take measures to prevent the further spillage. Don't let the product into the sewer.

To prevent emissions into the surrounding.

The methods and materials of inhibition and clean up spills Stored in a suitable processing sealed container

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